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The prospect of hair extensions falling out can be a worry when you consider extensions or first have new hair fitted., whilst hair extensions aren't difficult to look after, they take a bit of getting used to in the first few days. I am here to share with you a few simple tricks on how to prevent hair extensions falling out!

Firstly, before I begin to explain why extensions can fall out, it is important to remember that loosing a few strands before the next maintenance is completely normal! While most of my clients never loose more than 1 or 2 strands, it can happen to loose more up to 10% of your hair extensions (ex: 120 strands, you could loose up to 12 strands) anything more would be too many.

So Slippage is when the hair extension strand falls out of the bead. Sometimes this happens while brushing or styling, sometimes it happen all on it's own. Some slippage is completely normal , but any more than 10% is cause for concern.

Maintenance time every 6 to8 weeks is key to keeping your own natural hair healthy so please don't wait to long! This is crucial to prevent dreading, normal hair sheds continuously as part of the natural hair follicle cycle and those shedding hair get trapped in the bonds and can cause dreadlocks look if not maintained & separated correctly. Once you have your beautiful hair extensions you want to keep them as beautiful and healthy as possible

Prevent Hair Extensions Falling Out By Following a Few Basic Principles


Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?

This is very commonly asked question. Due to sensationalism in media we are led to believe hair extensions can severely damage your natural hair. The truth is if hair extensions are applied correctly by an  experienced technician it should not damage your hair at all and your  natural hair will grow even longer. The damage can come from you not caring for them correctly, leaving them in too long such as not coming in for maintenance on time and not following the after care guidelines. 

Don't Panic!

Remember, you hair is always in 1 of 3 hair growth stages. One of which is naturally shedding. If the average human without hair extensions loses arounds 100 natural hairs per day, over time this hair will fall away. If there is less hair in the micro ring with the extensions strands as a result the ring can become looser. Again if you are loosing up to 10% before your maintenance its still normal. I will be happy to help if needed prior to maintenance day by adding them back in or just keep them and bring them with you at your next maintenance appointment. 

Extensions when Brushing 

Hold your hand over the bonds as you brush, this helps to relieve the pressure on your hair. Brush the very ends out first the work your way up the hair, this is to stop aggressive brushing and protects the extensions. Work round the head gripping small sections of the hair at the root where the rings or bonds are to take up all of the tension from brushing **THIS IS FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT**

Use Caution When Hair Is Wet

Hair extensions are porous and will soak up a lot of moisture. After shampooing they will be extra heavy. Your bonds almost vulnerable when wet as they are not only lubricated, but are supporting extra weight. Always hand on the top of your extensions at this time and take extra care when brushing and blow drying. 

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