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Have you suffered from hair loss caused by any of the following treatments or medical conditions such as: Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Female Pattern Baldness, Trichotillomania or Hair Thinning or Menopause – you are not alone! There are an estimated 30 millions women suffering from hair loss in the United States. Many of these seek a new alternative to the standard uncomfortable wigs on offer that are easy to fit, adaptable to change in lifestyle and look good. We have been working hard at J PRESTIGIOUS HAIR to devise a most natural looking, durable and bespoke hair enhancement system for women across the US and believe J PRESTIGIOUS hair Enhance System is the best solution for most types of hair loss helping you to feel more confident, content and attractive.

With this system you will be able to go back to your day to day routine feeling confident again! you will be able to wash and blow-dry your hair just almost like your natural hair. This system is attached with micro-beads with no braids and we do not use any type of glue or chemicals. 

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