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Nano Beads hair extensions is a re-usable and popular method


      Who are they for?

      Nano Beads are great for clients who

  • like a permanent method 
  • like a method that does not use heat or glue
  • like to re-use their hair to save cost 
  • have fine hair for an invisible look


Why Nano Beads?

Super Discreet!

The small size of these nano rings is among its most positive features. These are much smaller when compared to regular Micro Rings. The small bonds of these rings ensure that these can remain hidden and smoothly blend with your natural locks. You can find these in a wide variety of colours, which can match root colors. This makes them less apparent and almost invisible!

Super Secure!

Properly fitted , the extensions can stay very secure. This is because the stand-by-stand technique is used by the Nano Rings Hair Extensions.  

Super Safe!

You can have completely safe Nano Rings Extensions if a professional applies the hair extensions. A fully professional installation ensures a safe and neat setup each time. Nano Ring Extensions are very safe and softer for natural hair, as these do not have to be made secure with glue. They require no heat, glue or adhesives in the application process. Make sure, however, that a professional removes them – so that you can have 100% damage-free hair.If you have thin hair, Nano Ring Extensions are your perfect match; this is because standard micro rings may be visible within fine or thin hair. With Nano Ring hair extensions, you may only need about a half head of hair even if you have very fine hair, and they will still remain virtually invisible.

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