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“BIG HAIR, big dreams! Congratulations on your wedding!

Peace, love & good hair!

Congratulations on your wedding!

Wishing you eternal joy and love as you embark on the most beautiful and adventurous journey of life. 

Half-do hair and Nano Bead Hair Extensions.

Loving the copper hair color transformation :-) 

Congratulations on your Big Day!


Wedding Hair Extensions 

Whether you're looking for mermaid length, luscious v​olume, or style-holding powers that your natural hair might not have, there are wedding hair extensions that are perfect for every Bride. 

Have you ever looked at Instagram boards full of wedding hairstyles and wondered "How on earth do those women have such amazing hair?" Well, the answers is probably pretty simple: Wedding hair extensions! In addition to curling irons, hairspray, and the hands of an experienced pro, a few perfectly-placed hair extensions just might be the secret to the wedding hair of your dreams.

Why should brides-to-be consider getting wedding hair extensions?

Chances are, you've seen lots of wedding hair extensions before! "out of the styles you'll see on Pinterest or Instagram feature extensions, for either added length or volume. Teasing can only do so much!

And of course, extensions are way faster than having a long engagement for the sake of growing out your hair. "Adding extensions is a shortcut to red carpet-ready hair.

Hair is a huge source of confidence for many women, including myself, so wearing extensions for a special day when you want to look and feel your absolute best is a must!


I-Tip Hair Extensions

Beautiful I-Tip Hair Extensions 

Russian-Mongolian Hair

Wedding Day

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