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Performing High Quality Hair Extensions Since 2008

My Mission 

Commit​ted to making the natural beauty and comfortable hair extensions forever people. 

Whatever your desired result, J Prestigious Hair Extensions offers high quality, rareness & the most natural looking Russian/Mongolian, Indian, Brazilian, Slavic Russian Hair Extension in San Antonio. Over the years I have acquired great knowledge and extensive experience in all different types of extensions including tape-in, fusion, micro-bead, nano-link, micro sew-in, clip-ins & Halo Hair Extensions. I am a Hair Extensions Specialist Internationally Licensed , I have access to the most Prestigious Hair Extension Suppliers from European to Indian, Brazilian, Russian & Mongolian Hair Extensions. The origin of hair extensions dates to Cleopatra. Believe it or not, the first documented proof of hair weaves was seen among the Egyptians in 3400 BC, so this trend has been out there for centuries. Since 2000 we are more open to talk about it now being a trend. It can be expensive at times, that’s why I will be offering AFFORDABLE HIGH-QUALITY hair extensions. I pride myself on providing the highest standards of customer service and quality assurance, ensuring that when you choose my brand you will be 100% satisfied. Out there you will be paying between $2000 and $2500 for this type of hair and thats not even including the application, if available! I am making it possible for people like me, like you to access high quality within budget! So, don’t go out and waste your money on fake, cheap, overcharged hair! Let me give you your dream look, life is too short! Treat yourself.

Hair Extensions are not only for length but also for thickness and for colors. Hair Extensions are perfect to add dimension, depth, highlights, or a pop of vivid color without chemical treatment. In just a couple of hours, I can give you the volume, fullness, luster, and thickness you always wanted!

I have over 180 colors available, dip-dye, Ombre, mix. colors, name it! 

So what are you waiting for? Of course it's real! Create your image to what you are truly worth.

I am a European Hair Extensions Specialist. I  have been working with Hair Extensions for 12 Years +. Over the years I have acquired great knowledge and extensive experience in all different types of extensions but w​hat's making me very unique is that I am offering a very rare hair extensions " NANO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS" this is the smaller bond on the market, each beads only measuring 2.5mm*1.6mm*1.8mm in diameter. 

Why Nano Beads?

Super Discreet!

The small size of these nano rings is among its most positive features. These are much smaller when compared to regular Micro Rings. The small bonds of these rings ensure that these can remain hidden and smoothly blend with your natural locks. You can find these in a wide variety of colours, which can match root colors. This makes them less apparent and almost invisible!

Super Secure!

When you fit these well, the extensions can stay very secure. This is because the stand-by-stand technique is used by the Nano Rings Hair Extensions. In case you do not have too oily or soft hair, and put the right amount of natural locks inside the rings, these rings can be extremely secure. You can make these last for a very long time with proper maintenance and aftercare products.

Super Safe!

You can have completely safe Nano Rings Extensions if a professional fits your hair. A fully professional installation ensures a safe and neat setup each time. Nano Ring Extensions are very safe and softer for natural hair, as these do not have to be made secure with glue. They require no heat, glue or adhesives in the application process. Make sure, however, that a professional removes them – so that you can have 100% damage-free hair.

Perfect For Thin Hair!

Nano Ring Extensions can be the best option for thin hair. It is due to the fact that regular micro rings might be apparent in thin or fine hair. Even in case you have extremely fine hair you might need only around half a head of hair with these extensions. These will still stay almost invisible.

Providing Hair Extensions for Client with very fine hair is one of my specialties. I offer the best Hair Extension methods suitable for all hair, to all lovely ladies unhappy with their current hair. My Mission is to inspire a Healthy Hair Esteem through well design personalized Extensions Methods that improves one's Self Image to a more Empowered, Positive one.

Hair Extensions are so much more than just a onetime event. While Hair Extensions do make it easier than ever to look like a celebrity, they can also be added for a color change, highlights, length, & increased thickness and even for very fine hair. 

I do offer all sorts of Hair Extensions from Tape-in, Fusion Bonded, Micro Beads, Clip-ins, Halo, Weft with Beads and my very unique NANO LINK voted one of the BEST HAIR EXTENSION METHODS. 

The process of fitting nano ring hair extensions involves placing individual strands to small sections of hair, and securing them with a metal nano ring. The nano ring itself (as the name suggests) is tiny and 90% smaller than a traditional micro ring, which is why it is often more suitable for those with finer hair.

My name is Jennifer W. I am from Belgium/ England 

Business Owner 

International Hair Extensions Expert

 Hair Extensions  & Hair Integrations Specialist & Cosmetologist with 18 years +of expertise 

I am specialized in all type of Hair Extensions! 

Nano Beads, Hair System Integrations, Tape-ins, Micro Beads, Micro Fusion Bonding, Easy Shrinks, Clip-ins, Hand Tied Wefts and Halo Hair Extensions.

Russian/Mongolian, Slavic, Brazilian & Indian Hair Extensions 

Luxury, Cuticle correct, Double Drawn, Long Lasting, Silky Soft number 1 Best Hair Extensions in San Antonio at an Affordable Price.

 Set prices with no hidden cost. 

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