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Welcome to J Prestigious Hair

Love your Hair again!

Vacation Time!
After a long and beautiful year it's time for vacation! 
I will be closed Saturday August 5th 2pm 
Back open Friday Aug 17th 9am

Thank you to all my loyal clients and welcoming new clients ! Have all a Wonderfull summer!

Overwater Bungalow

Why my clients choose J PRESTIGIOUS HAIR?

I pride myself on providing the highest standards of customer service and quality assurance, ensuring that when you choose my brand you will be 100% satisfied.     

I am very passionate about what I do and take great care of my clients, helping la​dies with very fine hair to love their hair again.
I not only have High Quality Hair Extensions and over 200 colors but also I am much  more affordable compared to other competitors. 
My Hair Extension Methods improves one's Self Image to a more Empowered, Positive one. 
I am offering the most discrete & natural hair extensions available on the Market. The main advantage of the nano ring hair extension is that its bonds are incredibly tiny. In fact they're around 90% smaller than a micro ring, resulting in being crowned one of the smallest bonds available.
I also offer, micro beads, tape-ins, hand-tied weft, fusion bonded,  cover-up, crown cover up (no glue, no braids)

10 Reasons to get Hair Extensions

  1. Extra Lenght
  2. Thicker Hair
  3. Adding Volume 
  4. Enhancing Our Own Hair
  5. Additional color
  6. Being able to create different hairstyles
  7. Experimenting with different looks
  8. Avoiding damage on our own hair
  9. Regretting a hairstyle 
  10. Hair replacement system

At J PRESTIGIOUS HAIR we specialize in 7 different Hair Extension Techniques with 2 different groups;


Cold Fusion (no heat required or solvens used during removal and maintenance )

  1. Nano-Bead 
  2. Micro-Beads
  3. Hand-tied Wefts
  4. Hair Integration System ( no glue or braids involved to allow your own natural hair to grow back in a healthy manner)
  5. Clip-ons

Hot Fusion (heat required and solvens)

Longer removal and maintenance.

  1. Tape-ins 
  2. Fusion Bonded 

NEW! COMBLINE AND NANOWEFT HAIR EXTENSIONS for very fine hair! Best for fine hair are NANO BEADS, NANOWEFTS and COMBLINE (combline only used on crown)

Book today your Hair Extensions consultation & let us do our magic!

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