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Caring for your Hair Extensions


Please insure to thoroughly wash and cleanse your hair before coming for your application, it is advisable to use a clarifying shampoo to completely remove any styling products or reside remaining in your hair. Try to come with your hair free from any styling products and have it straightened, this makes it clearer to see when applying the bonds. 

  • Please disclose any type of allergies during your consolation. 
  • A non-refundable deposit with be require at consultation time if you decide to go ahead with the process. 
  • If you are allergic to Metal the following is not for you; Micro-Beads, Nano-Beads, Beaded-wefts.
  • A waiver and deposit form will need to be completed and signed during your consultation. 
  • all sales, services are final, no-refund will be made. 


It is strongly advised that you don't wash your hair for at least 48h after having your hair extensions fitted, this is because the bonds need time to set to avoid them becoming softer and weaker in the future. Please try to wash your hair a maximum of 2 to 3 times a week if possible, this is because the less stress you put on the hair the better, if your roots get greasy then try and keep them clean so the extensions don't slip. Always use a shampoo an conditioner recommended for hair extensions only, this is because normal high street brands contain silicone based ingredients which will cause the extensions to weaken and break down. To wash where the extensions are, only use a hair extensions shampoo as it will not loosen them. it is necessary to condition the extension hair to keep it in optimum condition, it is vital however that you do not get conditioner on the actual roots as the extensions may weaken and become soft. Remember to always take good care of your hair, gently dry it and do not take any shortcuts when caring for it. 

Hair extensions last longer and look better when taken proper care of. It is best to use a hair extension loop brush but not required, this is because normal brushes with balls on the end can rip and break the hair. Try to brush your hair everyday to prevent any matting/tangling. 

It is advisable to tie your hair into a loose ponytail whilst sleeping, this will minimize tangling and knotting when you sleep. You can style your hair extensions just as you would with your normal hair, you can straighten, curl, blow-dry, dye, crimp and cut them because they are human Remy hair., just ensure that you don't continually bleach them because they may start to look less shiny as they don't receive the vitamins from your scalp like your own hair does. 

It is strongly advised to schedule maintenance/putting beads back up every 4 to 5 weeks. 

After having your hair extensions fitted, you will find that some of the extensions may come out. this is nothing abnormal, in fact the majority of people lose only 1 or 2 extensions where as others lose up to 20! This is why it's essential to have regular maintenance appointments to prevent this from happening. If you do see any of your own hairs coming out after having your extensions maintained, don't panic! These are due to the natural daily shedding of your hair, but  you will notice it more because you have had extensions fitted, I find that most of my clients's hair improves quality after having hair extensions because they are doing less heat/product damage during the months of having them.


•Brush your hair one or twice a day using an extensions brush and avoid your bonds.

•Do not use conditioner directly to your scalp application site.

•Use all professional products.

•Do not leave your hair wet in a ponytail or bun. Dry completely after washing them.

•Do not color your own hair at home, please ask a professional.

•Use braids instead of ponytail to help relieve pressure from the application site.

•Use professional styling hot tools to keep from damaging extensions.

•If going to the pool or ocean, be sure to wet hair and braid it in pig tails with a heavy conditioner. When done with water activities; wash, condition, and dry your hair.

•If wearing tape-in extensions or fusion bonded, wait 48 hours before washing your hair.

•Is it normal to lose 10% of your extensions by the next appointment? Don’t worry its totally normal most client do between 5 to 10 stands after 2 months. Don’t worry put them in a bag and bring them with you to your maintenance appointment.

•You can also use Argan oil or CHI Oils on your ends after washing your hair before drying them.

•Be aware when you are using a flat iron not to go to high, this will melt your bonds making it difficult during maintenance time

  • Schedule your maintenance every 5 to 7 weeks.
  • Use a heat protector before you style your hair extensions.
  • Always ask your stylist for advises.
  •  Do not cut your own hair extensions, please ask your hair stylist.
  • Do not attempt to color your Hair Extensions by yourself! 
  • Loosing up to 10 strands before your next maintenance is quite normal, please do not panic!  Just call us for advice. 

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