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Keratin bonded hair extensions

Bonded hair extensions are designed as a more permanent option for adding length to already healthy hair. They are a great choice for clients who:

  • Would like a longer-lasting and more durable hair extension method
  • Need a method with fewer maintenance appointments compared to other extension types
  • Want to experiment with new colors without permanent bleach, dye or other harsh chemicals

What are pre bonded hair extensions?

Pre bonded hair extensions are one of the more traditional hair extension methods, where the extensions are “bonded” to the client’s natural hair using a keratin formula.

The keratin is melted with either hot or cold fusion which forms into a solid bond that can last for up to 4 months. We use HairDreams Indian 5* hair for our pre-bonded extensions, which is well known throughout the industry for its high quality.

Bonded extensions are best suited for those with healthy, thicker hair; since each bond needs to grip the hair firmly to stay in place for long periods of time. If your hair is extremely fine, bonded hair extensions are not suitable since the keratin attachment points can cause breakage, resulting in visible attachment points or, in the worst case, damage to your natural hair.

Nano Beads hair extensions are usually a better option for clients with extremely fine or short hair who want to create good overall hair coverage and thickness without affecting the health of their natural hair.

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